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Top Cross Stitch Banner Exchange

1. How does this work?
It's absolutely free to promote your site throughout our network! All you have to do is add your account below and put the banner coding on your site. Your account will immediately begin to earn credits. For every two banners that you display on your site, we will display your banner advertisement once.

2. How do I join?
You must have a banner available to upload to participate in the network. To add your site to the exchange, enter the name and password you wish to use:

Account Name:

3. Do I have to be a member of the Top Cross Stitch Sites?
No, this banner exchange is an independent program. However, if you are a member, this program will not affect your ranking.

4. What do you do with the extra banners?
We use the extra banners to promote the banner exchange program as well as paid advertising to support this network.

5. How do I edit or get statistics for my account?
To view the status of your account, enter its name and password:


6. How do I find out my password if I forgot it?
If you've forgotten your password, enter your account, and your password will be e-mailed to you:

Account Name:

7. I'm still confused or have other questions. How can we contact you?
Send any questions, comments or suggestions to:

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